The Little L
Thursday, December 21, 2006
I got my car back last week from the garage. I had a serious accident about a month ago. I have had some small ones before. scratching the car when I was getting out of a parking area, being hit by a car coming backward with a very slow speed. But it was the first time that I hit another car with about 60-70 km/hour and there were four people in the car apart from me.

It was like movies; loud sound of the break, hitting the other car with the big bang, and the silence afterward in which you try to orient yourself after the shock of experiencing how vigorous are the effect of two objects hitting each other as the two cars did. I've learned physics in high school to a good degree. I had some imagination of two cars hitting each other. But what really happened was a shock to me. We are not dealing with forces as big as that in our every day life and the experience is out of our grasp. Well, until we have an accident. Hopefully we got out of it with only some bruises.

I agree with Shervin, who was in the car when we had the accident that life separates to two parts of before the accident and after the accident. The accident was not my fault as it's obvious in the drawing and the police approved. but I could have prevented it if I had less speed.
So I thought about why I had so much speed when I shouldn't have as I was getting close to u-turn and we were not in a hurry. I though about it the month I didn't have the car and also the day that I got the car back from the garage. I found out that the problem was in my lifestyle. The rush that was ruling my life. True that we had a very busy time the last six months before releasing out Linux distribution and also the next two months. I was in rush then but that has been over for at least two months... rush was still dominating my life.