The Little L
Sunday, March 26, 2006
Persian is supported in GNOME 2.14
Any language which at least 80% of the GNOME strings are translated to is considered supported in GNOME. According to the GNOME internationalization status page Persian translation was about 74% about two weeks before the release of GNOME 2.14. So I started translating fuzzy messages to get us to 80%. Unfortunately Roozbeh didn't have enough time to commit them all (He was busy releasing beta version of our Linux distribution :-) ) and we couldn't reach 80% on time. I though oh! no! we missed it again! (Persian translation was about 76% when 2.12 released) and was unhappy till Roozbeh mentioned Persian among supported languages in the release note and found out Danlio Ĺ egan one of the leaders of the GNOME translation project, had excluded gnome-applet-locations messages when calculating translated messages and we reached 80% excluding messages of that file. According to Uncyclopedia:
this file contains the names of every city and road in the world (and citlets, huts, small villages, military bases, jerk water in the nowhere, etc.), over 6500 names, for which you have never been to, we are definetely not taking you, and you will never get to. It is used by the weather applet to show the weather conditions at your city, of which at least 1/4 of them won't show you anything except city name (because their weather stations are not configured to report back centrally the local weather conditions).
In short and being serious, messages of gnome-applet-locations are rarely shown in the desktop and it's hell of a work translating each of them. (One needs to find out were the city or base is located. Then finds out the speaking language of the area and decides how the name is pronounced and then transcribes the name). So I think that was a fair move. Thanks Danilo.