The Little L
Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Noodles with vegetables

I like noodle with vegetables. I've been making it more recently since we've stopped eating out. Trying to stop eating out anyway. It's hard to find time to cook when you go straight to work after breakfast which is usually about 10 in the morning and come back home about 10 at night. Or even later. But after Roozbeh's blood test showed more triglyceride than usual, we are trying to eat less junk food. As a result noodle with vegetables is made more. Of course we use instant noodle which is ready in 15 minutes. Vegetables are easy too. You just need to buy and prepare them (which is only washing and chopping) and cook them for 5 or 6 minutes and viola! Your food is ready.

I made the vegetables Sunday night only to find out we have run out of instant noodles. So we had to do with breads. The other photo is taken on Monday.
Anonymous Roozbeh said...
Well, we didn't really "stop" eating out, we somehow reduced it to a minimum ;-)

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