The Little L
Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hey, there ain't no settelin down.
This is blood for blood by gallons.
This the old days, and the bad days, the all or nothing days

That's my favorite quotes from Sin City. I realy like the way Marv says it. I like Marv too. The look on his face when he says:

I like heatmen. No matter what you do to them, you don't feel bad.

We saw the special edition of the movie last night. It was more separated edition than extended edition, telling the four stories in for completly separate parts. And I liked the original one better because of that. It's a fascinating movie anyway. We enjoyed watching it for the third time. That is, if we only count watching al of it from the beginning to the end. There were other occasions to check this and that scene and when you start watching it, it's realy hard to stop.
Anonymous Shervin Afshar said...
Yeah, great movie. I do really like Marv. I have something very special for you and Roozbeh regarding "Sin City". It would be sent to Farsiweb mail address.

Blogger eli said...
Heh! I read this comment just know! I don't know why I couldn't see them before... Thanks for the CD anyway. I still have your letter!