The Little L
Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Our first game
Columbus is the best team in our group. I'm sure they are one on the two teams going to the first level games. I hope we are the other one. We have been in the second level for three years now. Mrs Ghahraman Pour from Sharif University of Technology Association (SUTA) came to see our game. SUTA has been very helpful to find a sponsor for us. The sport department of Sharif University of Technology doesn't support the team because some of the players have been graduated. Actually this year we only have five players who are still student out of 15. I don't find the reason logical but they seem unconceivable. So we had to find other sponsors. And it wasn't easy. You can't show women playing basketball in TV in Iran. The common advertisement methods are impossible. SUTA has been very helpful in suggesting some solutions for that too. Although we lost the game, Mrs Ghahraman Pour was very happy and impressed how we played with a nimble team like that.
Anonymous mahshid said...
Sharif will win all of its remaining games.
"sanatie sharife baghiye timaro harife"

Anonymous Merry Chris said...
Merry Christmas - from Portugal